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“A coach is the best ally you can have in your corner. Coaching is one relationship dedicated entirely for your success.”
– Gbemi Oni
“If you want to build your business and at the same time have a rewarding personal life, you call a coach.”
– Robert Schwab, Denver Post
“Coaching can certainly help you strengthen your sense of self-worth, focus on your goals — and get there, fast.”
– The London Daily Telegraph

Hello, I am so glad you are here!

I am Gbemi Oni; a Business & Transformation Coach – certified and licensed by John Maxwell organisation to coach, speak and train on behalf of John Maxwell globally. I am passionate and on a mission to see Individuals and Business Leaders move from Default to Life by Design; creating the life and business they truly desire.

I help you with this process. I walk the journey with you starting from Knowing Yourself to Identifying your Why (Purpose) to gaining Clarity, Direction & Confidence, Developing your Growth Plan and Keeping you Accountable for success your Business, Career, Relationships.

This is my Passion, my Purpose, my Expertise. This is what makes me sing! Get in touch, let’s get you started on your journey to life by design as this is the only way of living that guarantees significance.

I look forward to partnering with you for your success!

Gbemi Oni

Makalo Mwaanza – Lawyer

I can't thank Gbemi enough, I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching session! What an eye opener! Thank you for turning on the light bulb for me. What a comfort to know that there's solutions to this maze called life and that people like you have the key! I truly look forward to more insightful conversations.

Maryse Dik – Consultant, UAE

I was lucky enough to get to experience Gbemi’s coaching skills. Gbemi is energetic and positive which makes you feel comfortable right away. By asking the right questions she helps you to structure your thoughts. On top of that, she has a lot of industry knowledge so she can translate your job wishes to specific roles. I would highly recommend Gbemi if you are trying to discover the next step in your career.

Chinwe Emma-Ebere – Engineer, Norway

The first 3 sessions with Gbemi were difficult for me, because she asked questions that made me re-think and re-evaluate everything and I didn't want to face the fact that the way I was going about a lot of a lot of things were not quite right. By the 4th session, everything fell into place.

Chinwe Emma-Ebere – Engineer, Norway

Gbemi is one of best coaches I have met, because she ensures that you get the best out of your sessions and eventually get the results that you seek. She works with you at every step and pushes you to open your mind and imagination in order to see things differently. You realize that there is more to you than what you think, and that you have more talent and skills than you realize (trust me on this).

Chinwe Emma-Ebere – Engineer, Norway

I would recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in any aspect of their lives. Work, finances, or even to just discover more about yourself. From experience, I can comfortably assure you that you will not be disappointed

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